Exhibitions Conservation

The AICCM Exhibitions Conservation Special Interest Group represents the interests of conservators who work to display and present our cultural heritage.

Loans, transport, condition reporting and environmental conditions are other issues of concern to conservators working with exhibitions.

Display cases at Bunjilaka. Museum Victoria 2014. Photographer: Jon Augier

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Our activities

Conservation on Exhibition – The 1st AICCM Exhibitions Special Interest Group Symposium

The AICCM Exhibitions Special Interest Group (ExSIG) hosted its inaugural symposium in Melbourne at the NGV in March 2014. Thanks to our sponsors Tru Vue, specialists in museum and conservation glazing systems and, our partners in preservation, Archival Survival

The symposium provided an opportunity to examine current and future practices and trends in relation to the borrowing and lending of works of art. As exhibitions are the result of interdisciplinary collaboration, the relationship of conservation activities with those of registrar, collection manager, curator, artist, installer and designer are of critical importance.