Disaster management in fire effected areas

Fires in four states have been reported over the last 24 hrs, so please refer to the following information for advice and support.

In the event of any disasters over the holiday period it is important that the Emergency Services are able to do their work to protect life and property. If a disaster theatens your treasured possessions members of AICCM are able to assist, in the first instance with advice and when Emergency Services give clearance, with more practical assistance. 

If you require assistance due to a disaster affecting valuable or treasured possessions over the holiday period, including artworks, heirlooms, family photographs and important documents, contact the following people:

ACT:  Ian Batterham  susan.and.ian@hotmail.com

Queensland:  Christine Ianna  christine.ianna@gmail.com

Victoria: Maryjo Lelyveld  maryjo.lelyveld@ngv.vic.gov.au

Tasmania: Stephanie McDonald  stephanie.mcdonald@education.tas.gov.au

South Australia and Northern Territory: Kasi Albert kasialbert@hotmail.com

NSW: Adam Godijn  a.godijn@icssydney.com

WA:  Cristine Albillos  cristine.albillos@slwa.wa.gov.au

For information on how to salvage fire damaged possessions please click here.