NAA Photographic Activity Testing


Photographic Activity Testing has been carried out by the National Archives of Australia (NAA) since 1996. The testing is done as a service to the preservation profession and the general public, and is aimed at ensuring materials of suitable quality are used for the storage and display of important historical photographic materials.

The materials that can be subjected to the test include papers, boards, plastics, sleeves, albums, adhesives and tapes.

Testing is done according to International Standards Organisation standard ISO 18916:2007 Imaging materials – Processed imaging materials – Photographic activity test for enclosure materials. The Photographic Activity Test was developed by the Image Permanence Institute of the United States to test the quality of photographic storage materials.

Testing is carried out in the NAA paper testing facility which has been accredited by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

A listing of all products which have passed the PAT is available on the NAA website here.

Testing is generally carried out on products used internally at the NAA. However, there is limited scope to carry out the test for other people - manufacturers, suppliers, conservators, heritage workers and members of the general public.

If you have a sample you would like to get tested please contact: Ian Batterham on